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The importance of maintaining a new vehicle after the purchase.

You’ve bought a brand new Renault, Hyundai and Mitsubishi? Congratulations! You now have to make sure you maintain it. Maintenance is actually the key to the longevity of your vehicle and to your safety.

Since we sold you your vehicle, we, at Diacfa, are the best to maintain it. We have the diagnosis tools provided by the manufacturers as well as their technical recommendations, spare parts as well as technicians trained by the manufacturers. Your vehicle could not be in better hands!

Maintenance contracts and « freshness » plans

Diacfa Automobiles’ customer service workshop maintains and repairs your private vehicle or your fleet of vehicles throughout the year. We can do repairs on vehicles that do not function properly but also take care of your regular maintenance (oil change, replacement of air, oil and gas filters, air conditioning maintenance, brake plates replacement, etc.) and of your periodical maintenance (tune-up at 5 000 km, 10 000 km, 15 000 km, etc.)

For those different operations, our workshop offers your maintenance contracts and adaptable or pre-defined plans which allow you to know in advance the cost, nature and duration of each intervention. These contracts have been created to meet your needs while keeping in mind your restrictions, for example in terms of time and availability. It is with that idea in mind that we created our « freshness » plan, which include for levels of tune-ups, from « basic » to « gold », that can be done on Saturday mornings (from 9 a.m. to 12h30 p.m.) in maximum 1 hour.


The customer service workshop works on your vehicles as quickly as possible is order not to disturb your ability to move around. Diacfa Automobiles commits not to take more than a month to repair your vehicle. Of course, this type of delay only applies to the heaviest breakdowns for which a solution is found most of the time to reduce de delay to a few days or even a few hours. Classic tune-ups can usually be done within an hour. Our workshop never sacrifices the quality of its intervention and prefers taking the necessary time to give you a vehicle that is 100% reliable.

Manufacturer Warranties

Our customer service takes charge of your warranty, and makes sure to do the necessary work respecting the norms and the relationship with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Heavy-Weight Workshop

Diacfa Automobile’s customer service also includes the heavy-weight workshop. Just as with light-weight vehicles, the heavy-weight workshop maintains and repars your heavy-weight vehicles with the same respect for the manufacturer’s norms. Diacfa Automobiles offers solutions adapted to professionals which allow them to maximize the profitability of their equipment. Whether you need, for example, to insure follow-up of you heavy-weight fleet or train your drivers (safety, Energy-Efficient Driving).

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Always more services

Other services can be put in place at your request and according to your needs. We can, for example, train drivers (for example, eco-driving training) or offer services centered on the vehicle (takeover of the vehicle, heavy-weight vehicle maintenance, etc.)

Spare Parts

We only use new and genuine spare parts.

Diacfa Automobiles guarantees the use of new and genuine parts for all the models sold by Diacfa (Renault, Hyundai and Mitsubishi for light vehicles, and Renault Trucks, Eicher, SinoTruk and Yutong for the heavyweight vehicles). Diacfa Automobiles’ spare part store offers our over 15 000 parts.

The commonly used parts are immediately available from our stockroom. For more specific parts, orders can be done directly with the manufacturer with a reasonable delay.

Diacfa Automobiles’ spare part store can also advise their clients on the use and the advantage of using genuine spare parts according to the manufacturers’ norms.

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