Air Conditioning

The air conditioning unit your need is at Diacfa High-Tech

Diacfa High-Tech offers a vast range of air-conditioning units adapted to Burkina Faso’s climate. The systems offered by Diacfa High-Tech can be individual or central, mono-split or multi-split, etc. All our products are both effective and energy saving to take into account the financial and environmental issues.

The air-conditioning systems distributed by Diacfa High-Tech come with a number of functionalities, including air filtration, auto-cleaning, de-humidification, interchangeable facing, etc.

Climatiseur LG

Maintenance, your air-conditioning unit’s ally

The longevity, the performance or the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit depends on the quality and the frequency of its maintenance. Diacfa High-Tech’s teams of air-conditioning technicians often perform control activities and maintenance on your units. Maintenance plans can be put in place to make the whole process of maintaining your air conditioning units easier.


Washer, dryer, dishwasher

Diacfa High-Tech offers you a vast range of appliances to increase your comfort while reducing your use of water and energy. Visit our stores to see our various models of washers (standard, high capacity, or washer-dryer combo), dryers and dishwashers.


Small Appliances

Diacfa High-Tech also offers everything you need in terms of small appliances: microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners (cylinder, robots, anti-dust mites….) etc.



A large number of refrigerators are available directly from Diacfa High-Tech. Coming in various sizes, our refrigerators are energy-saving and resist to extremely high outside temperatures.

Diacfa High-Tech mainly offers LG refrigerators in various styles: multi-door, American, combined, etc.

Diacfa High-Tech also offers a number of freezer models.

Frigo LG

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