Industrial and Heavy-Weight Equipments

Diacfa Automobiles also services professionals wanting to purchase heavyweight vehicles or industrial equipment. Diacfa represents four internationally known heavyweight constructors.

Our partner, FG Industries, also offers you industrial vehicle bodies.

Heavy-Weight Workshop

Just as with the lightweight workshop the heavyweight workshop maintains and repairs your heave-weights vehicles with the same respect for the builders norms.

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FG Industries

Diacfa Automobiles, in collaboration with FG Industries, offers a wide range of transport solutions, to international standards at very competitive prices: manufacture of bodies on straight trucks and trailers (carrier vehicles, tanks, trays, buckets, truck cranes, platforms, container, cotton, etc.). Diacfa Automobiles and FGI and distribute all sizes and models adapted to all charges.

All our products are manufactured according to safety standards and are guaranteed one year minimum. They include in their manufacture a high strength steel. Moreover, our material is drip and adapted to road and weather conditions in African countries. Our After-Sales Service finally, provides full and rigorous monitoring of sales achievements. Contact us for any further information or specific need.

Our Models

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Our Brands

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