Diacfa Bookstore offers thousands of books in partnership with the biggest international publishing houses. For education, Diacfa Bookstore offers a multitude of school, extracurricular and university books that keep in line with national and international teaching programs. Numerous French and bilingual dictionaries are available at Diacfa Bookstore.

Be it African or International literature, Diacfa Bookstore gives you access to a number of reference books. The Bookstore will also surprise you with its vast range of comic books, youth literature, books talking about culture and society, tourism, human sciences, religion and spirituality, economy and law, etc.

Diacfa Bookstore also has many opportunities to give and make your loved ones happy with its numerous gift ideas.

Diacfa Bookstore offers many regular or bilingual disctionaries in a multitude of languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, etc.). The bookstore also sells a number of books dedicated to language learning.

Diacfa Bookstore offers thousands of books in partnership with the biggest international publishing houses.


Your partner, during Back to School and all through the year!

The true partner of Back to School time, Diacfa Bookstore will be with you during this privileged time by supplying you with the products your children need. If this necessary task feels more like a chore, Diacfa Bookstore offers you the possibility of giving us your supply list. The Stationary department will prepare your child’s supplies so you have to avoid the long waiting times.

Of course, Diacfa’s stationary department is at your disposal all through the year to supply you with quality products.

Yearly procurement contracts

Businesses, government agencies, public administrations or NGO, delegate the procurement of your office supplies to Diacfa Bookstore and forget about stock shortages and all the troubles related to order management! Take also advantage preferential rates negotiated with a yearly contract.

Magazines and Newspapers

Mecca of reading and culture, Diacfa Bookstore also gives you access to actuality through a space dedicated to national and international magazines and newspapers. You can find daily, monthly or quarterly publications. Diacfa Bookstore offers a vast range of general or specialized newspapers and magazine talking about economy, politics, society, sports, etc.

Creative Hobbies

Diacfa Bookstore has a space dedicated to creative hobbies. Whether you’re talking about coloring and modeling clay for young children or drawing and painting for older people, let your creativity go free with Diacfa’s supplies.

Diacfa creative hobby space also offers a multitude of gift ideas perfect for all occasions.

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