Quality Motorcycles

Diacfa Accessories has created partnership with two international giants in the field of motorcycles : Honda Motorcycles (Japan) and Jianshe Motors (Partner of Yamaha in China).

Thanks to these close partnerships, Diacfa Accessories – via its Diacfa Industry assembly plant located in Gounghin (Ouagadougou), sells products that are varied, tough and of irreproachable quality.

Buying a motorcycle assembled by Diacfa is the assurance of investing in a durable and high quality product.

The quality of the products and the know-how of our team have won over NGOs, government agencies and private individuals who trust Diacfa Accessories since its beginning in 1991.

Indeed, Diacfa Accessories offers :

  • A 6 000 km or 6 months warrantee,

  • A Free tune-up at 500 km,

  • A protection Helmet.

On top of that Diacfa Accessories offers its clients :

  • A large stock of genuine brand name parts,

  • A well equipped garage with qualified employees to repair, tune up and maintain the motorcycles.

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