Automobiles Parts and Accessories

Diacfa Accessories offers many well-known brands in terms of auto parts and accessories. For example, you will find lubricants and greases, oils and rust dissolvers, cleaners for plastics and textiles, battery chargers, batteries, electrical equipment, (fuses, lugs, contactors, etc…), as well as pistons cylinders, straps, joints, cooling fluid, oil and gas filters…

Our principal brands in this category are : Algi, Geb, Hotls, Sideris, Casteels, Mahle, Corteco, Neumarsa or even Klaxcar.

Finally, Diacfa Accessories distributes parts specifically made for heavy weight vehicles (such as Renault Trucks).

Pièces de rechange


Diacfa Accessories offers a wide rage of tires for all types of vehicles (cars, heavy-weight). A partnership has been made with the Italian manufacturer Pirelli, well known for the quality of its tires, which are distributed all over the World.

Diacfa Accessories also offers all the tools related to tires, including impact wrenches, chisels, pumps, blow guns, air hoses, nozzles and quick connectors.


Because the quality of work done depends on the quality of the tools used, Diacfa Accessories offers quality tools in order to insure your complete satisfaction.

Among other brands, Diacfa distributes Facom, well known for its robust tools and its product warranty, and Bosch, also well known for the quality of its tools. You will find drills, circulars saws, grinders, and other types of saws at Diacfa Accessories.

Industrial Equipments

Diacfa Accessories offers a vast range of spare parts of great quality for maintaining and repairing industrial machinery.

Personal protective equipment is also available for people working in the industrial field, such as harnesses or safety work boots.

Diacfa also offers materials directly linked to industrial activity such as cables, high-pressure cleaners, power generators, compressors, welding stations, torches, bearings, etc…

Discover our Building and Public Works Equipments…

Our Brands

Thanks to the quality of its services and its expertise, Diacfa Accessories has become the official representative of the most prestigious brands.

Renault Trucks