Fire Safety

Insure your fire safety with Diacfa Materials

Diacfa Materials insures that you are fire-safe by supplying numerous products going from fire detection ton extinguishers. In that last category we offer:

  • ABC powder extinguishers with permanent or auxiliary pressure

  • Pulverized water with additive extinguishers with permanent or auxiliary pressure

  • CO2 Extinguishers.

We also have a workshop do maintain and refill your extinguishers.

Diacfa Materials is also the official distributor of the products of the French company R.PONS, which specializes in firefighting materials. Their products include:

  • Fire hoses and accessories

  • Firefighter accessories

  • Hose stations and accessories,

  • Fire hydrants and accessories,

  • Connectors and taps for firefighting or the oil industry.

Access Controls

Diacfa Materials offers a range of products providing access security to your premises and buildings. These include automatic gates, grilles and of course all the CCTV products.

Personal Protective Equipment

Diacfa Materials markets personal protective equipment for industry professionals such as safety boots, hard hats and construction vests, gloves, masks and goggles, work clothes…


Diacfa Materials is the distributor for ASTRAL POOL in Burkina Faso. It offers its clientele complete swimming pool solutions.

  • Different sizes of filters

  • Pomps of various power capacities

  • Installation Accessories

  • Lighting

  • Stairs and other swimming pool treatment products


Get the best products to maintain your buildings and swimming pools efficiently at Diacfa Materials.

  • Vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, mono-brush…

  • Lawn mowers, chain saws, hedge trimmer, hoses and watering accessories, wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes…

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